Die Viehsperre, Zürich

– how to cross a fence

With Die Viehsperre we are looking at critical structures—structures that criticize other structures. The Viehsperre is obviously a critique of the fence. It is in some way decisively subverting the single-mindedness of the barrier. Not as exception but as ubiquituous, institutionalized, and commonly accepted agreement between the owner of the land and its trespasser. The Viehsperre marks an important cultural achievement and difference regarding land use between our (alpine) territories and other, non-European contexts. Wherever we encounter a Viehsperre here, there would be a ‘No Trespassing’ sign in the US.

Exhibition at ETH Hönggerberg, Maria Hilf, HIL 46.1
March 7th – April 1st, 2016

Midissage and talk on March 23rd 2016, 18:00

w/ ETH Professur Lehnerer


Viehsperre at Maria Hilf, ETH Hönggerberg
Typical alpine Viehsperre
32 different versions
Attentive birdhouse
Power fence