John Hejduk—Drawing Cabinet

April 21, 2016

John Hejduk credited the ETH Zürich as his “European base.” With this exhibition, we bring Hejduk back to Zürich not only to re-examine this history, but also to consider what his work might have to say within the present-day architectural and cultural context. The presumed relevance of Hejduk some 30 years after his last visit derives from a unique aspect of his work—his investigations, arguments and ideas are not primarily disseminated through writing or building(s). Rather, the architecture is located within—and communicated through—the drawings and models themselves. Despite—or due to—the exclusivity of its media, the work has considerable breadth and depth, containing speculative, disciplinary, historical, practical and theoretical implications.

In collaboration with gta Exhibitions.  Special Thanks to Drawing Matter, AA Archives and the gta Archives.